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THE CANADIAN HERALDJULY 16th 1947In today's issue, we take a chance to look back on the war that has just ended; to read about some of the Allied victories and losses, and to remember those that lost their lives to save, not just our nation, but the world from Hitler's tyranny.TODAY'S TOP STORIESInternational News:340 000 Saved in DunkirkU.S Surprised by Pearl Harbour AttackCanadian News:Women Gaining Responsibilities on the Home FrontLocal News:Chrysler Canada Booming!INDEXInternational News - page 1-2National News - pg. 3Local News - pg. 3Editorials - page 4Sports/Entertainment - pg. 5Bibliography - pg. 7This was one of the many ads that convinced young Canadian men to go and fight the war in Europe. It's thanks to ads like this that we destroyed the Axis Powers.International NewsBritish troops retreating to Dunkirk (May 27th 1940).340 000 Saved in Dunkirk.By: Matthew ClarkeThis amazing event that some are calling "The Miracle of Dunkirk" will probably go down as a major battle in World War II. It all began in April 1940, when Adolf Hitler decided to set his blitzkrieg across Western Europe. The blitzkrieg struck Denmark, and immediately the order was sent out to Canadian troops to board a ship to Norway. However, shortly afterwards, the order was changed and British troops were sent instead. This was a blessing for the Canadians who would have faced a quick and overwhelming defeat. By May, Hitler and his Nazis had already taken over both Norway and Denmark, and the German Wehrmacht had control of the Netherlands, Belgium, and had pushed into France, about as far as Amiens. The British troops had retreated into the French coastal town of Dunkirk. They were pinned between Hitler and the English Channel.Hitler was a man that was proud of his accomplishments. One of these accomplishments was the advanced Luftwaffe, the German air force. Instead of finishing off the British troops with panzers (tanks) and ground troops, Hitler decided to wait for his prized Luftwaffe to finish him off. This would be one of Hitler's major mistakes. Before the Luftwaffe were able to get up into the air, a fog rolled in off the English Channel and prevented them from attacking. It was now that Prime Minister Winston Chamberlain called for all ships, even just a fishing ship, to sail across the English Channel and rescue the troops. The operation succeeded beyond what was expected. Only 10 000 troops had been expected to be rescued, but 340 000 was the final tally. It was a miracle, and it shall be remembered by many for a very long time.U.S. Surprised by Pearl Harbour AttackBy: Matt M. ClarkeIn a single devious move, the Japanese destroyed a large U.S naval fleet. The United States had moved their ships to the Hawaiian island in order to combat the aggressive actions of the Japanese. The U.S had been trying to set up a treaty with Japan, unfortunately, the peace talks were merely a distraction, intended to keep all thoughts of a Japanese invasion out of the thoughts...

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