The Canonicity Of Robert Burns: A Red, Red Rose

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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]Thomas 9Barry UniversityA, Red, Red RoseChandra ThomasENG 332Dr. Lillian SchanfieldNovember 11, 2014OutlineRobert Burn's "A Red, Red Rose"IntroductionBiography of Robert BurnsBackgrounder of RomanticismAnalysis of "A Red, Red Rose"A new and fresh loveNarrator as a sweet talkerLove until the end of timeSeparation means nothingSignificance of "A Red, Red Rose"Timeless of the poemElements reflective of the timeBurns as the disseminator of traditionPoem symbolic of Burn's patriotismConclusionIntroductionRobert Burns was a poet who lived in the second half of the eighteenth century in Scotland. He is also known as "The Bard" in that country. He holds the distinction of being the national poet of Scotland, and is also a favorite poet around the world. He wrote both in Scottish and English. He is also known as a stalwart of Romanticism. Aside from being a poet, Burns also collected native folk songs from various parts of Scotland, and adapting them. Among his most favorite works are Auld Lang Syne, Ae Fond Kiss, and A Red, Red, Rose. He was born in 1759 in Ayrshire, Scotland, the son of a tenant farmer and a stay at home mother. He grew up in poverty and because he had to work hard every day, his posture soon became stooped and he was generally not in the best of health. He began writing poetry at the tender age of 15, first writing O; Once I Lov'd a Bonnie Lass (Noble and Hogg, 2003, 412).Romanticism was a literary, art and intellectual movement that emerged in Europe during the second half of the eighteenth century. Experts say that it was partly a response to the Industrial Revolution and a rebellion against the aristocracy and the other social and political rules of the period. At the heart of this movement is the fact that intense emotions are the source of the aesthetic experience, and that these strong emotions - such as awe, fear and terror - are felt as man encounters the power of Mother Nature in all her full glory. Most of all, a romantic piece of literature contained the free expression and thoughts of the author or artist (Novotny, 1971, 96).Therefore this paper will seek to show why Burns is entitled to be called the official poet of Scotland, and why his body of work ought to occupy a lofty position in the realm not only of romantic literature, but also of literature in general. The poem reveals the depth of the emotions of someone who is madly and deeply in love. As the poem "A Red Red Rose" is quite short, the entire work was examined for this paper."A Red, Red Rose"The poem is from the heart of a hopeless romantic who is deeply in love with his family. The poem starts with the narrator comparing his beloved to a red, red rose and a song, which is played so sweetly. Next, the narrator tells of the depth and sincerity of his love. He promises to love his one and only for as long as he lives, and also until the end of the world. He bids her goodbye towards the end, but says that he will return, even if...

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