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The Capital Of Nose Jobs Essay

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From the first conversation to arriving

Getting that reply from the advert blew me away. I hadn't planned for a response and I certainly hadn't considered other people seeing the advert, in other words my biological auntie. At no time had I ever given a thought to the idea of another person replying to the advert. I will add that after months of trying to get that advert removed I did receive a response. Six days after the contact was made the advert was deleted. Such an ongoing, prolonged effort to have the advert deleted and the ironic timing of when it happened. I believe the advert needed to remain there because it had a job to do and once that job was done, it could vanish. Throughout ...view middle of the document...

I won't relay the conversation line by line because I can't remember it, a reason could be it wasn't monumentally exciting. There were no great expressions or outpourings of love and it was over relatively quick, it was surprisingly laid back given the unique situation. I don't think it's a prerequisite that a person should start shrilling with excitement or breaking down during the call, I don't think there's a set format but the ordinariness of it was definitely apparent.

That conversation was the first of what was a number of conversations spanning a 9 month period. During that time we didn't have long detailed discussions but we did share a few details about one another's lives. However I never asked her about her previous criminal activities, nor prostitution and left out the subject of drug abuse. In fact I bypassed her curriculum vitae and felt this wasn't the time nor place. I'll give her credit, the woman I was speaking to on the phone did not represent the woman I'd read about on file. She had remarried and had a daughter and was living in Tehran. At weekends they would all travel to their other apartment and her husband was in the international retail trade. These were not the activities of a woman who'd spent time in prisons having been quoted as saying she'd rather hang out in prison due to the (free hospitality gestures). I think had she'd presented as what I'd read on file I would have been more confused. Not because it was some 30 years after, many a person can go on to live a lifelong chaotic life of addiction but simply because of the presentation she was giving. This meant one thing, well two things, she was either a very good actor or she must have undergone a life changing transformation. I tended to think along the latter and it was this that intrigued me. Despite her connection to me had I not known herI would have still been interested to hear her story. People's lives fascinate me especially when a person changes to such an extend, I was curious to know how and what had happened and I did find out, as with many a recovered drug addict, higher powers had intervened, in her case and I guess relevant to her cultural...

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