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Captain Shakespeare is the only son of the legendary Captain Ghostmaker, he dreamed of England, the world across the Wall, but was bound to become a notorious pirate because of his heritage. One day, while flying using his ship to collect lightning, Shakespeare caught Tristan Thorne and Yvaine in his nets. They ended up in the nets because they got stuck in a cloud. After barley escaping from the close encounter with the witch Lamia, who tried to kill Ynanie for her heart. Ynanie and Tristan manage to escape with the use of a Babylon candle which ends both of them up in a storm cloud. After being caught to keep up with shakespeare reputation, Shakespeare acted as a violent interrogator, ...view middle of the document...

He also uses his skills to later on to protect Ynanie from the witches and saves her.
Next, the captain teaches Ynanie how to waltz. When the captain taught Ynanie to waltz she become more graceful and more womanly then what she was before. Also he helps her get out of that bath rod into a beautiful dress. The one thing I notice when the captain was teaching ynanie to waltz. She began to glow more then what she did before. When the captain notices that she was glowing more, he figure out that she was a star. He told her that he knew what she was and told her that her secret is safe with her, also told her that she was glowing more than before. She just tells him that what stars do the best, but there a reason why she start to glow more than before.
Finally, the last thing the captain taught both Tristan and ynaine was the love they have for each other. He helps them find love, he shows Tristan and ynanie how perfect they can be and how they help each other grow not any how they grow as a person but how they grow as a couple. One of the first thing we’ll see as how they become closer is when They become closer to one other with everything...

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