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The Car Industry Essay

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Question 1: Shortly account for target groups for a Suzuki Splash, a Ford Mondeo and a Bugatti Veyron.

Target groups differ from product to product because buyers differ in their wants, resources, locations and buying attitudes. If you where to compare e.g. a Suzuki Splash, a Ford Mondeo and a Bugatti Veyron, you would find three completely different target groups especially look-ing at demographics, behavior and even geographic can play a role.

Take for example the Suzuki Splash, which is a little city car with spaciousness to a fair price (Splash). The car has quite a large target market, but the buyers tend to be young couples or young families, who lives in or around large cities. City people often tend to want a smaller car, which is easy to drive and park and fits in crowded cities, like Copenhagen, Stockholm and even Tokyo (Best small cars). As mentioned the car tend to be for young people, particu-larly girls. Young people usually live in the city or near the city because they are at university and they do not tend to have the biggest income, therefore they often look for a cheap car and not a car that guzzles gas. Girls also tend to buy Suzuki as they normally “just” want a car and do not care for car brands as much as boys do, yet those who buys a Splash whether boy or girl are not crazy fixed on a spectacularly brand.

The Bugatti Veyron target group is dramatically different. The Danes do not even qualify to be part of Bugatti's target group. The car is a sports car that was formerly the world's fastest street car and the "regular" Bugatti Veyron cost about DKK 15 million - without taxes (Hen-riksen). Here we see multibillionaires and car collectors as the main customer. They usually live in the middle east – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, but also China and Italy. As said it is very wealthy people who are part of the upper class who buys the Bugatti Veyron. As millionaires they tend to be a little older and also men (Getting and…other people). They also tend not to use the car so often but more just to have it as a status symbol.

In the middle we find the Ford Mondeo. A classic family car or company car for people whom usually live in the suburbs. The Ford Mondeo has been described as “The Average Car” (Mas-sey). The car tend to be for the middle class or upper middle class - people who have a family with kids and need a spaciousness car that is comfortable. You will find Ford Mondeo all over the world but usually in the suburbs of big cities or towns with at higher social status like Northern Zealand (Ray Winstone - 20 years of Ford Mondeo.)

Question 2: Account for the theory on how to positioning a brand.

Positioning refers to the position of a product in the consumers' minds. It is important that companies have a clear profile and differentiate themselves from the competition. To obtain the desired position in consumers' minds the company’s positioning must be clear, consistent and credible. Additionally, positioning should be...

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