The Car Ride Dichotomy Essay

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"Hi" He said not understanding why the detective still looked at him expectantly. When he realized she didn't actually knew where he lived, he quickly told her his address. He also gave her the opportunity to drop him off wherever she wanted, not knowing how much of a detour the detective would have to make to take him to his place.

"It's ok" She said, thinking that it was probably going to be a fast trip because It wasn't too far by car. She started driving, thinking about the best route to arrive as fast as they could to his place. She was well aware of the fact that this was the first time they were together without one of them being order to do so by the captain. It was weird, for sure. An uncomfortable silence filled the car and to be honest, she didn't think she could stand it while Castle not so subtly stared at her. So she pressed some radio buttons and found a station she was content with, letting the music fill the void.

"Which route are you taking?" He asked when she stopped on a red light "I think you should take 3rd avenue and then take Broadway. It's the fastest route at this time." So far they were navigating through medium traffic, so Castle thought to chip in and suggest another route.

"Are you kidding me? Broadway at this time it's hell" Kate exclaimed. She was not going to let herself be trapped in a traffic jam with Castle. No way.

"Excuse me. You're talking to a native new yorker who, by the way, has lived all his life there. I think I'm more than qualified to choose the faster route"

"So am I. And I'm telling you, there's no way I'll go through that especial kind of traffic hell." Nope, not happening.

"Green" he said the second the light changed colors "Besides, i think I should know the fastest route to my home"

Don't backseat drive" She scolded and then added, "I'm not taking Broadway Castle, I'm taking Bowery"

"Wait, I have this app, that gives me live traffic report." or at least he remembered so. He fished his iPhone from his front pocket, after a few seconds of searching through his apps, he found it.

"I hope you didn't spent money on it." Beckett deadpanned.

"Hey. It's 0.99 cents well spent" Castle defended.

"Whatever. I'm choosing the way I think it's best."

"Come on, look. It even paints the streets by color. Green is for light traffic, yellow for medium, and red-" He talked as if explaining something to his 4 year-old.

"I get it." She interrupted harshly before she was overthrown with the need of slamming his head to the dashboard. Repeatedly.

"All I'm saying is that it could help us choose the best street." Castle tried to reason with her.

"I'm not trusting that app."

"Are you always this distrustful?"

"Yes" She answered plainly.

"It's a live traffic report." he marked each word "It's practically flawless. Or you'd rather take the other street and end up in a jam with me?" He asked innocently.

"Ok, fine. What does the app recommend?" She caved in.

"Ha! Just like I said. Broadway its clear of...

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