The Carbon Footprints Of Sony And Dell

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The Carbon Footprints of Sony and Dell

The purpose of this project was to investigate the carbon dioxide emissions of Sony Corporation and Dell, Inc. through the use of resources and the manipulation of rudimentary calculations and conversions. However, this comparison was not accurate because of lack of data on Dell's part. The significance of the data produced is it shows and compares the environmental efficiency of the companies targeted by quantifying their respective carbon footprints. Virtually all of the data obtained was found online through a variety of reliable sources, including the company websites of Sony and Dell and independent environmental reports. In order to compile the data, all information had to be converted into a "carbon footprint" unit, which is equal to grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per kilowatt hour of generation. In this way, the carbon footprint was able to account for all greenhouse gases produced by the respective companies. Thus, with the gathered data, it was possible to determine which of the companies was less environmentally harmful. The collected data from this project is significant because of the impending effects of Global Warming. The information provides an insight on how such large companies can work to make themselves "carbon neutral", and thus contribute much less to the greenhouse effect.
A Brief Introduction on Global Warming
In recent years, the issue of Global Warming has become a heated debate topic. In abridged terms, Global Warming is defined as an increase in the temperature of the Earth as a result of greenhouse gases, solar activity and other variables that impact climate. Much of the controversy surrounding Global Warming is whether or not it is human-induced. Since the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Oil has rapidly increased technological advances at a rate unprecedented in human history, but at the cost of contributing a significant amount of greenhouse gases. However, Global Warming is a much more complex process than this basic explanation.
Why the Consumer Electronics Industry? Why Sony and Dell?
Human developments and industries are producing an alarming rate of carbon dioxide emissions, which, in turn, significantly impacts Global Warming by means of the greenhouse effect.
The greenhouse effect, put simply, is the absorption of infrared radiation (heat) given off from the Earth's surface into the atmosphere. This radiation is absorbed and thus trapped in the Earth's atmosphere by greenhouse gases, including, but not limited to, water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. The consumer electronics industry contributes a large amount of carbon dioxide because of the rapid growth in human technology and the massive amount of electricity needed to power an electronic device. Thus, this website presents the carbon footprint of two of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world, Sony Corporation and Dell,...

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