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The Career Of 33rd President Of The U.S., Harry S. Triman

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Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States. Truman was Vice President for Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was passed down presidency in April 12, 1945 a few months after, Roosevelt passed away due to bad health. Truman led the power to ending World War 2. While, Truman was a student he first served in the military, and later went into studying politics. He had ran eight years in office before being Vice President. Although, Harry S. Truman was given Presidency, he did make great impact that saved and helped many American lives.
Truman grew up in Lamar,Missouri working as a farmer and a livestock. Growing up Truman had a hard time making friends, especially girls. He dealt ...view middle of the document...

After being in the war Truman moved back to Independence where he had married his wife. There he became a county judge. Truman decided he didn’t want to be a judge anymore so he thought about running for Congress, County Collector, or Governor.
In 1934 Truman won the election to become Senator by 40,000 votes and by the help of the Pendergast. Truman liked the living the life of a senator. During his first term he got to help write the transportation act of 1940. His second term of being senator was in 1941 as the U.S was getting ready for war. The last 6 months before war congress spent, more than 10 billion dollars preparing for war. Truman asked to be put in a committee to help stop wasteful defense spending. Truman described his committee as saving money from going to the “little man,” which was to the big businesses and labor workers. Succeeding in this committee he garned popularity and recognition. Knowing that World War 2 was on the way, Truman had clarified about the American Foreign policy. At that moment Truman voted for the Neutrality Act, which was to grow turmoil in Europe and Asia. Truman had announced publicly threats posed by Germany and Japan. Truman voted and supported many acts especially the “Selective Service Act.”
In 1944 President Roosevelt got rid of his vice president Henry A. Wallace for the Running elections on vice president. Henry didn’t seem to be able to meet the requirements that the president had. Truman was looked admirably to being the perfect vice president. He was running two things The White House and Senate. Truman had only served eighty-eight days as a Vice President. On April 12,1945 Eleanor Roosevelt came to...

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