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The Caribbean Current Political System Essay

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The Political System
Among the many hindrances to sustainable innovation in the Caribbean is the political system (The Westminster model) adopted by Caribbean territories. This model has not demonstrated any hope of sustained innovation, and has not been effective in harnessing cohesiveness in the Caribbean region. Arguably, the disruptive nature of this system is not conducive to long term planning which is essential for innovation. The model has flaws in the dispensation of the administration with respect to continuity of policies which end in one term and continue in the next. Ideas developed under one administration are lost and the new incoming administration does not benefit from ...view middle of the document...

The system has succeeded in creating a people of servitude in nature instead of entrepreneurial. The political directorate is governed by the political will that is focused on creating employees and not employers, thus external agencies are always positioned to distribute to us in some form which we eagerly accept. Our brilliant ideas continue to be exposed to these Agencies that claim to assist financially and otherwise. In the absence of these pillars that bear us up and upon which we depend so much, what then happens to the Caribbean?
Despite several years of establishing various organs (CSME, CRNM, CARIFORUM etc) in an effort to promote integration, the Caribbean has failed to achieve true integration. The point remains that these institutions, neither on their own nor collectively, represent an optimal approach to managing West Indian affairs and interests in a world which has become increasingly unsympathetic towards them. (M L Bishop and A Payne, Feb. 2010: 8)
Economies throughout the Caribbean region are in search of an answer as they constantly grapple with sluggish economic growth, falling GDP and a host of other challenges including crippling debt.
Transcending the legacy of the Westminster system, which stifles innovation, will be prudent in achieving sustainable innovation. The English speaking Caribbean requires a new system of governance that will serve the entire English speaking Caribbean region as a unit.
The notion of sovereignty that is touted by most Caribbean leaders is irrelevant in the scheme of things especially when the rest of the world is seeking to be more cohesive recognizing that survival means strategizing with new ideas.


The Role of the Private Sector

The need for government to work closer with the private sector will be crucial as we endeavor to foster sustainable innovation in the Caribbean region. The current structure has not achieved much progress for the Caribbean. It has become necessary to move away from the private sector that is solely profit driven and fiercely competitive. The role of the private sector must change from its current status and take on the role of assisting in the structure of the society. ...

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