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The Carter Prestons And Tyson Smiths

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In opposition to his fellow sculptor and future brother-in-law, Tyson Smith had great opportunities to visit major exhibitions by renowned, innovative and pioneering artists alongside with his parents, and the person who pushed him more was his father, George. During the end of the Nineteenth Century, Liverpool was fortunate to host design exhibitions of International importance and from a young age until his university years, Tyson Smith had visited most of the shows such as the ‘’Second International Jubilee Exhibition in 1886’’.14 Many pioneering and influential architects, designers and furniture manufacturers were involved in the shows including Arthur H. Mackmurdo15 who presented revolutionary designs at the time such as the ‘Century Grid Stand’. In 1899, he spoke of the importance of structural features in architecture as well as metal work, and wood furniture. Also, as Tyson Smith was growing up he found early motivation on Mackmurdo’s work especially on ornamental art (fig.2.6), as well as on the importance of detail on the sculptures driven by the lines of the Renaissance Ethic in architecture and design.16
Herbert’s father was pushing him so hard into art and competitions when he was a young man that sometimes it was against his will and a good example is that he arranged for his son to produce some pieces of work for the City’s Engineers’ Drawing Office. The artist was negative about working at the municipal offices, and he preferred to work alongside with the monumental sculptors at the Toxteth Park Cemetery in Smithdown Road.15 Working with experienced stone carvers, Herbert had the opportunity to get involved in letter cutting in stone and marble. In 1897 he enrolled at the Municipal School of Art to further explore the skills he developed at the ‘stone yard’. Tyson Smith was an energetic young man, passionate about creation that he could not stand the theoretical approach of the course and after only two weeks he moved to the Liverpool School of Applied Arts. He joined his sister and his future brother-in-law at the ‘Art Sheds’ of the Liverpool University where he had the opportunity to study wood carving and modelling. The school was nicknamed ‘Art Sheds’ due to the bad conditions of the facilities but the inspirational tutors there, and the unique programme were the major reason for his choice.
Masters such as R....

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