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I put a great deal of effort into my diagnostic essay The Case for the Grade. I had some anxiety about writing it, as this was my first essay for my first online class. However, I studied the Rubric and the subject essay thoroughly. I followed the prompt explicitly. The prompt states, “Your job is to read the course rubric (under ‘course content’) together with the piece below. Once you’ve done this, you will write a two-to-three page essay which argues what letter grade the work below should receive”(Westrope). Based on my performance and adherence to the instructions I believe the grade my essay should receive is a B.
After reading all of the rubric, I believe my essay adhered most closely to the criterion under the “B—STRONG—A Clearly Above Average Essay” heading (Grading Rubric). Under that heading there were three areas. The first was “Organization and Development” which touched on addressing the assignment clearly and analytically, and addressing the needs of the audience by providing adequate context. This area also mentioned the need for a clearly focused controlling idea or thesis (Grading Rubric). The second area was “Presentation of Research” which touched on providing effective support and analysis through examples or facts and the need to make distinctions between the student’s ideas and the ideas of others (Grading Rubric). This area also mentioned the need for a student to develop their own ideas and not to depend on sources as a substitute. The need for adherence to MLA guidelines and citing sources effectively is also touched on (Grading Rubric). The last area was “Mechanics” which focuses on punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax and diction (Grading Rubric). The Rubric Professor Westrope provided was very clear as to the criteria for each grade.
One of the main criteria which my essay met satisfactorily was the area of organization and development. I analyzed the assignment and broke it into its different part. I used an outline to guide my paper which should be clear by the use of an introduction, three organized body paragraphs and a conclusion. I presented a clearly focused thesis in the introduction paragraph which states, “Based on this information (Rubric as well as my spreadsheet totals noted in the diagnostic introduction) I determined that the essay should receive a C” (Speake 1). Also, the rubric states that a B essay “[d]emonstratees clear and coherent organization through use of good transitions and topic sentences that keep focus clearly in sight”. Each of my body paragraphs began with an introductory topic sentence. Each of my body paragraphs ended with a transition sentence, except for the last which was followed by the conclusion paragraph. This was obviously intended because a transition sentence is not needed before the conclusion. My essay was clearly above average in the area of organization and development.

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