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The Case Of Anna O Essay

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Freud’s view of the unconscious is that we may have thoughts that could affect our behavior without us realizing it. The unconscious mind stores urge that our mind cannot process immediately because the information could be too devastating or too much to process that we have to keep out of our focus. Zizek refers to this region as storing the "unknown-known" - the things we don't know that we know. Societal regulations force us to repress certain aspects of ourselves, and the unconscious serves as the storehouse for this collection. Many of our inner urges are too disturbing for the conscious mind (and society at large) to cope with immediately. Therefore, we sublimate these secrets into a ...view middle of the document...

Then it got even worse to the point that she could not move her head, which soon triggered to both arms. Also her unconscious affected her mentally that she was hallucinating. Her mood would often change to normal to very aggravate. Her father eventually passed away and her symptoms grew worse. She completely lost her vision, loss of concentration, more extreme hallucinations, and suicidal attempts. I believe that her symptom’s was worse when her father died because she didn’t think she could go on with the rest of her life without him because she was close to him. When it came to Anna Freud and Jung would agree that her unconscious mind is causing her to have symptoms mentally and physically. Jung would focus more on the spiritual unconscious and come up with a deeper explanation where Freud would focus on the physical explanation.
When it comes to treating Anna I think that Freud would focus on putting her under hypnosis so he can figure out what is going on with her unconscious. He would focus on the results of the hypnosis and what she might say while she is under. I think he would...

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