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Career Counseling: The Case Of Naomi

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The theories behind career counseling are various. The prevailing factors in employment are money, personal satisfaction and the ability to achieve. In the case of Naomi we have to help her determine if her dissatisfaction with life is directly correlated to her employment or is she looking at possible changes in employment because of her personal issues. For Naomi, we have to consider that her life has over lapping roles with regard to her personal responsibilities and her work life that can be considered as part of the life stage model (Zunker, 2012). In either case the facts are that she has determined at this juncture in her life she wishes to seek employment counseling and regardless of why she is seeking career guidance it is up to the counselor to provide the services she is requesting.
Using Super’s career and life stages theory will allow the counselor to consider several factors that are affecting Naomi’s work and personal life. The counselor can help her consider her self concept with regard to her race, living environment, her limited education and health issues. Naomi can begin to look at her employment and choose to work on the most prevalent issues affecting her work situation such as her limited education or she can pick a personal issue such as her health with the hope that improvement in that area will also carry over into her work performance (Hurley-Hanson, 2006).
By looking at the client’s presenting issues of single parenthood, significant health issues and limited education we can employ the Donald Super’s theory on the development of self-concept. With respect to the idea that life and careers develop through a series of stages termed as: growth, exploration, establishment, maintenance and decline (Hurley-Hanson, 2006). For Naomi, she falls within the age range stage of establishment described as including entry level positions where individuals establish themselves through experience. Naomi is beginning the decision making process of how to change her circumstances and exploring what she will have to do to begin the process (Super, 1980). By considering the factors that have may have...

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