The Case Of The Blue Heel Shoe

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I picked up the glass, it had a lipstick mark on it. The stain was smudged suggesting that the evidence had been played with. The act of felony was probably committed by the murderer. The body was lying on the ground, knife gashes everywhere. The few wrinkle's on the man's forehead compelled me to place his age around 40-45. The lack of blood and the undisturbed setting made the murder look like it was done somewhere else and was brought to this old warehouse to confuse the detectives. My light jacket was barely enough to shield me from the frigid weather of Newport, Vermont. I had originally came here for a little vacation but it is true, a detective must always be ready. My colleague, Ms. Patricia Cook had arrived to assist me in the solving of this case a little while ago. She was better prepared with a thick jacket, gloves and a hat. My black hair was caked with snowflakes and my glasses were frosted leaving me with barely any vision. “Detective Jones” Patricia yelled. I turned to look at her but then realized that she was not there. I looked around the warehouse to only find a shoe, a dark blue pointed shoe with a tremendous heel. This could not be Patricia's shoe, she was wearing black boots with grey laces. The policemen who were clearing up the scene and collecting evidence were gone outside to see if there were any witnesses of the man's murder. I decided to go out and ask if they had seen Patricia but when I reached outside I soon realized that the group were busy packing away evidence in the car and had probably not seen anything. Though I still went and asked them, they said that they had not but offered to help me. I accepted, the more the merrier as they say. 2 mysteries at once, so overwhelming. Later in the search for Patricia, I realized that the murder of the man and Patricia being missing could be linked. She could've been...

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