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The Case Study Of “The Challenge”

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The case study of "The challenge"The case study of "The challenge"In the business world it is usually said that executives from within the ranks know the challenges and politics of a company, while newcomers face a corporate minefield. Dan Ciampa and Michael Watkins write in their book "Right from the start" that "Leadership is never easy" and that "This is never truer than when a new leader enters an organization from the outside and must change its culture in fundamental ways". The "Andy" Case describes the errors he made that led to his demise and for this reason it has been characterised as a guide for survival for leaders that are newcomers in their company.When we examine the story we see that Andy felt that he was the best candidate and that he surely had a chance pursuing the position of CEO. But he made some mistakes. He should focus on not repeating them. Successful executives should first take responsibility for their actions. It is clear that he should have spent some time learning more about the assets of the company, getting to know the people that worked with him and under him and use them as resources for the "growth" his was aiming to achieve, instead of making decisions unilaterally.If he had developed some measures for a baseline and gave them to his reports he would have been able to measure their performance, he could easily explain to the board and back up his decision for firing the executives, without permitting anyone to question his evidence of inadequacy and hence his reason for dismissing them.Andy should have learned more about the workplace culture, especially his position. For example, he should have tried to inform himself about the relationships these executives had with the CEO and he should have got​ten closer to him to insure a greater understanding. He should have studied the rela​tionship between the CEO and his imme​diate reports more carefully, which would have helped him achieve a more successful cooperation.The board told Andy that the CEO built the company, and that there was a lot of loyalty to him and that he felt a lot of loyalty to people. He also heard from the board that this was part of the problem. They told him that they had two or three good inside candidates, but they decided that they had to look outside. But Andy didn't take all these facts under consideration when he made his decision. He was a newcomer to an old company and he had to find a way to bring the change without disturbing much the existing balance in the company. It would have been possible to replace whomever he wanted if he would have done it with a more methodical and lenient way. He should have predicted that rush changes in the working environment without the appropriate preparation usually cause contradictions and in the end negative results.Instead Andy decided that he didn't really need to hear from the old guard. It was like he made a decision that they were not going to change, and they had to go...

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