The Casino Where St. Charles Place Used To Be

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By and large, I don’t usually like vacations. I think that people usually spend a lot of their time on vacations waking up early to get to the spa, steam rooms, or some other vacation activity that’s meant to be relaxing. I consider the time spent on these vacation activities to be equivalent to waking up early, running to class, and doing homework. For this reason, I’ve spent most of my college vacations avoiding exotic locations and choosing to remain on campus when everyone else goes away. I’ve enjoyed the peace, quiet, and security that remaining on campus has brought me over several breaks, but admittedly I also wanted a change. At this point, my friends and I had come through almost four years college together, and we all agreed that we should do one last major excursion before life takes us down different roads. After talking about it for some time in the winter of last year, we decided to go to Atlantic City, New Jersey during Spring Break of our last semester at Hampden-Sydney College. Known for its casinos and party scenes, we believed that Atlantic City would provide us with the perfect opportunity to live out an experience that we all needed--facing the real world while creating a memorable experience we would have for years to come to be shared at reunions, weddings, and other events.

Somehow the responsibility for planning the trip fell on my shoulders. I thought it was ironic that that the group picked the guy who did not like vacations to plan the vacation. But, I had been used to leading the group in the past and knew that it would be my responsibility to bring a plan for the trip together. I set up the potential dates, casino we would stay at, and itinerary.

The trip up to Atlantic City was rather uneventful although most of us spent the night before drinking bourbon, gin, and cheap beers into the early morning. Some of us, including myself, had not even packed for the trip until the very last minute when our cars were ready to set out on the road for six and a half hours through the torrential rains of early Wednesday morning of Spring Break. Needless to say, we were all excited for the trip—so excited that we could not figure out what to do with ourselves let alone our luggage. We packed in a hurry, forgetting little items we may have wanted to bring along. Once we were on the road, states flew by without much of an effort. The Red Sea of traffic of Interstate-95 seemed to have been parted for us and the drive was as easy as it was quick. When we crossed the Delaware Memorial Bridge and finally entered New Jersey shortly thereafter we decided to turn on our speakers to the tune of Atlantic City, a song written by Bruce Springsteen in the 1980’s describing a couple who escapes to Atlantic City as the man in the relationship.

Six of us in two different cars were on this trip: Ben and Tom from North Carolina, Baker from Alabama, Mikail (who attends Liberty University) from Washington D.C., Phyo from Burma, and myself...

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