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The Castle Of Count Dracula Essay

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The dark and ominous appearance of the Carpathian Mountains made them the home and center of many Romanian folklores and superstitions. Superstitions are a major part of the history of the mountains and are a major part of the lives of the locals. Natives felt that at night this region was haunted by evil spirits or the supernatural. The Carpathian Mountains are a dangerous place with packs of wolves and malevolent creatures coming out at night. It is for these reasons Bram Stoker began and ended his novel Dracula in this mysterious location. The bleakness and darkness always surrounding the Carpathian Mountains and Dracula’s castle in these mountains represent Dracula’s true ...view middle of the document...

Dracula want to make sure he hides his identity remains a mystery to Harker. Dracula has the ability to control wolves and because there are so many wolves in the Carpathian Mountains, it is the perfect location for Dracula’s castle. Dracula is able to use the wolves as a scare tactic to prevent Harker from walking out of the castle. Harker is insistent on leaving the castle and Dracula feigning willingness to let Harker go, begins to slowly open the front door of the castle. As he does this, “the howling of wolves without [grows] louder and angrier; their red jaws, with champing , and their blunt-clawed feet as they leaped, came in through the opening door” (52). Dracula has supernatural powers which he uses in order to get his way and get what he wants. Dracula uses his castle as well as the Carpathian Mountains to hide his true identity and fulfill his wicked needs.
Dracula’s castle and all that happens inside the castle help Jonathan Harker come to the conclusion that Dracula is a vampire. Because Harker has to travel through the small towns of the Carpathian Mountains to reach Dracula’s castle, he hears all of the superstitions linked to Dracula and the idea of an evil spirit residing in the castle is put into Harker’s mind. He is warned by locals that Dracula’s castle is not safe and he is given a crucifix and other charms to ward off any evil he may come across. The massiveness of Dracula’s castle seems unusual, especially since Dracula is the only person living in the castle. Since Harker has only Dracula to talk to during his stay in the enormous castle and is not allowed to leave the castle, he develops cabin fever and explores the castle in hopes of entertaining himself. Most of the rooms in the castle are locked so naturally Harker becomes inquisitive of what lies behind all the locked doors. When Harker initially tries to explore the castle, he finds nothing but “doors, doors, doors everywhere, and all locked and bolted” (31). All of the locked doors make Harker feel like he is “surely in the toils” (44). If something were to happen where Harker needs to escape, he has nowhere to go. He is a tramped animal living with a predator and he has no way of escaping. The intricacy...

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