The Cat Came Back The Very Next Day

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Question #2Sarah Masudi7143354Religion 209Myths are more than just creation stories, they are used to remind us how things used to be before our time. They also explain traditional values and different beliefs among different cultures, they shape who we are and our role in society. They cannot be denied because they are found in all countries.Myths allows us to ask questions and address the cause of the problematic, by addressing it we get one step closer to the ideal world, how the world would be if the problematic didn't exist. It makes us question things; such as how we are living today may affect us tomorrow. We try to find a way to diminish the problematic and get out of that situation, myths let us know what needs to be done to achieve the ideal. They have different contexts depending on the myth and where it origins, and how its interpreted by the individual. "The pain of the profane world affects both individuals and communities, whether Christian, Hopi or Muslim" (F.Streng, pg.13).Humans realize how powerful myths can be to their lives and how they impact their daily decision. Such as when following a certain religion those who follow the rules and guidelines to diminish the problematic and to be one step closer to the ideal world. "The individual who discovers the ultimate reality through sacred symbols holds the conviction that, without the special powers that comes from myths and rituals, a person is sinful, weak and self destructive" (F.Streng,pg.25).People follow these certain guidelines through religion or certain beliefs that are set out for them because they don't want to live in a profound world. Therefore they go to the ultimate reality to find these answers. Humans are religious because they lack a sense of self-consciousness and they need something greater to life for, it gives life a greater meaning. Proving that myths do create a force orders a person's existence into a meaningful world. "Humans posses a distinct form of self-consciousness" (J.Livingston,pg.6) Gender of the founder does in fact change the impact it places on people in the religious aspect. Ann Lee had insisted that god was both male and female, this lead people to question everything they had believed in and the proof that was given to them that stated god was in fact a male. Shakers had made a valid point that since both male and females were created by god they to should be able to be leaders. She was aware of the fact that women were responsible for the fall because god had came to her and revealed that lust was the root of all sins. Since this had applied to women most of her followers were in fact women or women who convinced their husband that in order for her to be saved she would have to refrain from the lust she has for her husband. "Many biblical women became "types" of Ann, who pointed to god's redemption of the world through her" (S.Setta,pg.153). Women saw Ann as the answer she was the one who was going to be able to deliver them from evil, she...

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