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This lesson will explore the themes of molecule motion and surface tension. While these themes may seem very complicated, we will break down the topic so the class learns a basic overview. Our audience is guided towards a sixth grade class, therefore these are still lower level thinkers. We will start off our presentation with the creation of a KWL chart on the white board. The K sections, which stands for previous knowledge, will be filled out prior to the beginning of the Power Point. This will be done by asking the class what they already know about molecules in general. The next section of the KWL chat is the W, which stands for what they would like to know. Once again through a group ...view middle of the document...

In addition, writing out observations and discoveries helps students improve their communication skills which is key to success. The an overview of the experiment will be stated and then students will first fill out the hypothesis using both prior and newly gained knowledge to determine what they think will happen when the fat molecules are manipulated in the experiment. This hypothesis will be both written down and discussed as a class as it is important for students to build upon each other knowledge.
The next section of our presentation is the actual experiment. Each table will be given the materials and told not to touch until instructed. The experiment learning process is aimed to engage kinetic learners. It is extremely important also to show how this lesson is not just some Power Point but it is applicable to real life. The Power Point will take the students step by step through the experiment. John Gay, a famous play writer in the 17th century once said “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” One of our teachers do the project in front of the class while many of our other teachers walk around to ensure it is being done properly. Instructions will be spoken to the students as they go along.
The experiment is very simple. Each group will be given a pie tin with a thin layer of either a fatty or thin type of milk. There is will also a Q-tip, a cup full of detergent, and a couple colors of food dye. Students as a group will be able to identify the materials used in the experiment and understand what they represent. The group will be told place one drop of each...

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