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"The Cat Who Saw Stars" Essay

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I do not agree on the subject of the hiker. It really is not that uncommon of a thought. It is somewhat similar to the issue of missing hitchhikers, and about as credible too. Now, about the hikers body, I agree, it is very incredulous that, by coincidence, the body was for some reason conveniently located on the same beach as Jim's vacation house. I do not find it that much of a coincidence that both the author and Jim Qwilleran have 2 siamese cats. i think it is merely suggesting that siamese cats may be somewhat smarter than normal cats. I also think it is uncommon to find a conservative rich man like Qwilleran.Response I agree, I think the old author of this book took the easy way out when it came to thinking of landmarks. I don't think this cat has supernatural powers. UFO's? Why even bring them into the book? I think that was rather stupid. All it is, is a rumor, and a stupid one at that. They play a worthless role. However, i am not saying that they do not exist. I mean, it could be possible but i will never know. A parade for Mark Twain...... I find this hilarious. This town is much smaller in comparison to westfield, and yet, it holds a massive parade for a novelist, even bigger than the parade we have here for memorial day. This part of the book was obviously not thought out very well.I am also perplexed how this book title came to be. I mean, I know she has a series of "A Cat Who..." books but why? I know if I were going to write a book it sure wouldn't be about a detective cat, that's for sure. I don't know if the author is crazy or not, but this title has little meaning. I agree, I also think Jess has a crush on Jim Qwilleran. To what extent? I don't know. You can tell by the way she acts around him, cooks his food, and the way she talks to him. It's no hidden secret. Anyone could tell that she wants him. I don't think Qwilleran acts like a character who owns a significant amount of money. I can see he is exceptionally conservative. As I read on in the book, I completely forgot he was a millionaire. Yes I agree, Jim is definately a people person. He seems to...

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