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The Cathedral Basilica Of St. Louis

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The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis is one of the oldest churches in St. Louis. It is going to be a 100 years old with in a few months. There are many things that makes this church unique, First the two different designs that have been used in the exterior and the interior. The arches has an amazing art on them that makes them a pice of art for it self, However there are three domes they are colorful and has unique art pieces.

This Church took around 83 years for it to bee done 7 years to the exterior to be finish and 76 years for the interior to be finish. The interior took all this this time because there is not paint art at this church all of the art made of mosaics and a lot of gold. ...view middle of the document...

The other dome represent the New Testament. The Arches are amazing with all the art work on them.

What I liked about the pieces of art in the church is that every single paint telling you a story, every corner of the church makes you wander about what these stories are and what there sentences meant, not only the paints that telling you stories even the colors of the background explain something different. The artiest that have been work in this church to make it look what it look like today are pice of art them selfies. I think it is

hard to find that many very very good artiest in one era thus way this work is going to make ever person visit the place think how did they could do that.

When I arrived to The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis i was amaze by the out side look of the church then when i was it the door the huge sized doors make you feel that you are going to escape to another world, then you inter to the Mass i have sit in one of the front rows so I can see and experience every single moment. When the Mass started the priest enter the place thus we stand up and face him for placing, then he started to tow persons start to speak before him then the start too speak. He told us about jesus and he gave us some stories to remind us jesus and teach us from this stories. We have spent most of the Mass standing up, the Mass was around an hour; However, with the story and the...

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