The Cathedral Of Saint Francis De Sales

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From St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in France, architects have designed some of the most beautiful Churches in the world. Expressing every little detail and nuance, they have relentlessly taken the time to develop these remarkable centers of worship. However, tourists of these Churches seem to fail to go “behind the scenes” and appreciate all the decision making and planning used to create these magnificent wonders. Thus, we the architects have put together this detailed synopsis to allow worshipers to appreciate every aspect and feature of The Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales.
We decided that the Cathedral should be named after Saint Francis de Sales because he is an important and instrumental figure in religious history. Saint Francis spread his ideas and thoughts for everyone, rich or poor, to understand. He understood that it does not matter what class a person is in or what race they are, but that it is important to see the true religious yearning one has in their hearts. Therefore, we chose the Cathedral’s representative saint to be Saint Francis de Sales because the Cathedral will support the unfortunate and poor who do not have access or are not able to attend Church. The main mission for the Cathedral of Saint Francis de Sales is to help support the needy and raise them to a level in which they will be able to not only appreciate their Catholic faith, but also use it as a vital guide throughout their religious and holy life.
After making many unique blueprints, we decided that the Cathedral should be shaped like a rectangle with two annexes. Being shaped like a rectangle allows us to make the most use of the space. The two annexes, the Adoration Chapel and the Gathering Area, are in the shape of circles. Having the two annexes shaped as circles allows us to not only also make the most use of the space we have, but also uniquely identify the rectangular Cathedral as its own religious area. After agreeing on the shape of the Cathedral, we planned the location of every object and room in the Cathedral, starting at the vestibule and ending at the altar.
We decided that when one immediately walks into a building, it would make sense for them to walk into a lobby. For this reason, we placed the vestibule, a lobby area, at the entrance of the Cathedral. (Becchio, Bruno, and Schade 898) Behind the vestibule are the Parish History and Mission Display. The Parish History and Mission display contain spiritual reading materials for the parishioners. We placed the Parish History and Mission Display behind the vestibule so that the parishioners could have easy and hassle-free access to it. We also placed a bathroom in the vestibule area to provide for the needs of those entering the Cathedral. (Becchio, Bruno, and Schade 664)
The sacristy is a small room in which the priests’ vestments and holy objects are kept. This will be located next to the vestibule in our Cathedral. This way, the...

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