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The Caucasus Region Essay

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The Caucasus region has been an area of political, military, religious, and cultural rivalries for centuries. We have latest information that Caucasus region has shown signs of increasing instability. One of the USEUCOM mission is to provide stability in the Caucasus regions in order to support US governmental and commercial involvement in the Caucasus and Caspian Sea region.
Based from our latest update, it has affected our strategic directions of EUCOM and they are to ensure the social, political, and economic progress and stability in the region, prevent combat terrorism, and prevent the use of proliferation of weapon mass destruction (WMD).
Within the Caucasus region, we have ...view middle of the document...

At the same time, ethnic Azeri Turks, Bakhtiaris and Lurs agitated for increased autonomy, and the Iranian government lost the control of the northwest region.
In 2019, Ahurastan from northwestern province declared full independence and supporting SAPA and aligning with their Special Force. The Ahurastanians are more vigorous in their challenge to Azerbaijan’s claims to a portion of the Caspian Sea. Ahurastan’s network border is defended primarily by commercial equipment purchased through Iran and produced in Russia and China. They are developing regular diplomatic and commercial relations with Russia.
China is working closely with Ahurastan because of the oil concession from the Caspian countries. China will continue demand free access to Caspian Sea resources. China is also providing military aid to Ahurastan.
The major strategic and operational challenges currently we are facing are existence of Ahurastan and the Chinese influence within the country, SAPA and Ahurastan Special Purpose Forces (SPF) operating in Azerbaijan, and radiation leakage of Armenia’s nuclear power plant.
There are few of potential opportunities for USEUCOM to continue provide stability in Caucasus region. One is to provide environmental rehabilitation in response to the radiation leak from the attack that is close by Turkey. The risk...

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