The Cause And Effects Of Surrogate Mother

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The main causes of women choose to be surrogate mothers are poverty and kind human being, and its result in physical and mental effects to the surrogate mother.
II. Surrogacy is often done or committed is because of poverty.
A. Effects of poverty
1. Hunger
2. Sickness
B. Surrogacy is becoming a growing business.
1. Earn more money in order to overcome their hardship
III. Surrogacy is being done by people.
A. Help relative that could not reproduce offspring
1. Strengthen the bonds between family members
B. Surrogate mother will feel delighted and happy after giving birth successfully
1. Bring a new life to this world
2. Emotional affected by original parents
3. Feel proud for doing something not ordinal
IV. Several physical effects on surrogate mother.
A. Risks that associated with traditional pregnancies
1. Morning sickness
2. Muscle strain
3. Weight gain
B. Risk of gestational surrogacy
1. Inflection or bleeding
V. The surrogate mother might result in psychological problem.
A. Giving baby away
1. Bond develop between pregnant mother and child
B. Abortion
1. Parents want to terminate the pregnancy of surrogate mother
C. Family conflict
1. Not accepted or supported by family
2. Family of surrogate mother develop an emotional attachment to the unborn baby
VI. Conclusion.

The Cause and Effects of Surrogacy
Throughout many centuries, not able to produce next generation has been problematic. People who cannot reproduce, face issues of sadness, shame, and decapitating. Luckily, science has presented the thought of surrogacy. Surrogacy is a third party agreement whereby a lady consents to get pregnant with the end goal of conceiving a baby for others to raise. This methodology permits couples to have kids that are hereditary associated with them. It allows couples financially support the surrogacy mother and they are able to conceive a baby. Assuming that having a kid is an issue yet paying the funds is not, surrogacy is the ideal decision for any sort of couples and the surrogate mother. The main causes of women choose to be surrogate mothers are poverty and kind human being, and its result in physical and mental effects to the surrogate mother.
For some parents, raising a child is the highlight of their life. For example, seeing their child graduate from secondary school is an astounding moment of their life. Heterosexual couples that cannot produce offspring naturally, they now have an opportunity to have a biological son or daughter by hiring a surrogate mother. There are two types of surrogacy, included traditional surrogacy and also gestational surrogacy. The traditional surrogacy means that the surrogate mother is being artificially inseminated with the sperm of the father or the sperm from a donor when the sperm count of the instant father is low. The surrogate mother's own egg might be used in some cases, yet genetically the surrogate mother turns into the mother of the kid, which it may brings a lot...

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