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Did you know, according to the “Pet Statistics” from ASPCA, there were about 5,000 animal shelters in the United States? In those shelters, about 5-7 million animals were rescued each year and approximately 3-4 million of them were euthanized. That was nearly half to the animal rescued. In other words, thousands of animals were euthanized daily. However, many of these euthanized animals were healthy, treatable, and adoptable pets. What caused these adoptable companions to be euthanized in animal shelters? The major cause was the overpopulation of animals without a home. Moreover, the irresponsible owners and breeders that did not sterilize their animals caused the overpopulation of animals. ...view middle of the document...

In contrast, the irresponsible pet owners would have not sterilized or properly identified their pets. These irresponsible pet owners tend to careless about his or her pet’s location and activities. For example, an unsterile cat could run off to mate with another cat without the owner being aware. As a consequence, the female cat would produce litter of kittens without the owner’s knowing. Therefore, a proper and responsible pet owner should always know his or her pet’s whereabouts.
The most important cause of animal population is because of unsterilized pets or stray animals. Animals that were unsterilized and roam around would likely breed with another similar animal. According to Pasado’s Safe Haven, the unsterile pets would chew leashes or dig under the fences to mate, because of “the desire to procreate is relentless in an unaltered animal”.
This situation can relate to an irresponsible pet owner, because the owner was not aware his or her pet disappearance. Also, the pet that escaped was not sterile meaning that it could have run off to mate with another unsterile animal. Not only is unsterile pets related to pet owners but also to animal breeders as well. The fact that animal breeders literally breed animals then that means the animals would have to be unsterile. Altogether, animals that were...

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