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The Cause Of Obesity In The United States

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Obesity has increased rapidly throughout the years, especially in the United States. As of today, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults in the U.S are considered to be obese. We all know that obesity is becoming a serious issue in the lives Americans. The effects of obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and in serious cases, death. So the question we can all ask is, “What is the cause?” The cause of obesity can come from, but is not limited to, some of these things: eating habits, lack of exercise, or a medical condition.
Eating habits have become a cause of obesity because most people in America decide to take the fast route. Fast food has become so prevalent in the day to day lives of so many families and individuals. The cost and convenience of fast food has led to an increase in consumption, which does not help our cause. According to Carey Polis’ article in The Huffington Post, fast food is about $550 cheaper per year than choosing the healthy option. That means people are more likely to choose a cheeseburger from McDonald’s over fresh fruit and vegetables from the produce section at the grocery store. Along with how cheap it is to get our hands on fast food, the convenience makes it even more difficult to resist. With a fast food restaurant on every corner of every block in town, it makes it much easier for someone to pick up on a meal on their daily commute rather than actually trying to cook something healthy. Choosing fast food is not the most nutritious way to go either. Fast food is filled with sugar, fats, salts, and calories. It is usually low in nutrition and high in what are considered to be “empty” calories. By definition obesity is caused by the excess intake of calories per day. Therefore, the more fast food consumed by individuals, the more calories they will be obtaining, which is inevitably beginning to lead to obesity, especially in children. Although fast food may be a cause, the expense of healthy foods does not make it easier for a person to want to buy them. Their willpower to resist the temptation of eating unhealthy food is becoming harder and harder. Along with fast food, excessive amounts of alcohol consumption can also lead to weight gain and increase your chances of becoming obese. Not only are drinks added calories in your diet, but they can increase your appetite. According to Waehner, it is harder avoid high calorie foods that are fatty and sugary after you have had a few drinks, which will continue tacking on the unnecessary calories. She also mentions that because of feeling too tired after a night of drinking, most people will not be motivated enough to exercise and work off the extra calories from the night before. For heavy drinkers, this lack of motivation occurs quite often and they find themselves gaining weight.
Exercise plays another key role in the cause of obesity. An estimated nearly 80 percent of adults in the United States do not get...

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