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The Cause Of Wwii Essay

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The world was plunged into World War II in 1939 for many reasons. The reasons were Japan invading Manchuria, Mussolini's attack on Ethiopia, and when Hitler defies The Treaty of Versailles. Appeasement was one of the biggest things that lead to World War II.Appeasement was giving in to an aggressor to keep peace.It basically postponed the War from happening but did not stop the war from happening . The Most effective response to aggression at this time was collective security because it was using the appeasement to got the countries together and didn't benefit them.
One reason that cause the world was plunged into World War II in 1939 was Japan invading Manchuria.Manchuria was an area ...view middle of the document...

According to Document 2, the emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie had ask the League of Nation for help to stop the invasion but the League of Nations' response was ineffective. After the invasion,in Haile Selassie's speech, he said "it is us today. It will be you tomorrow" to the League of Nations.
   Another reason for World War II was when Hitler defies The Treaty of Versailles.After World war I, Germany have to take the full responsibility of The Treaty of Versailles,which took away the Germany's colonies and cause Germany had paid thirty three billion to British and France and . Hitler promised to rebuild the nation and tear up the Treaty of Versailles.This made him and the Nazis wildly popular in Germany during the 1930s,in just a few short years Hitler did what he had promised he revived the economy, built up a massive army.Hitler spend a long time to threatened to undo the Treaty of Versailles because this treaty limited the size of Germany's army.
   On March 1935, the Fuehrer announced that Germany would no longer obey these restrictions.The League of Nation failure to stop Germany from making their army bigger convinced Hitler that he should start to make greater risks. The Treaty forbids Germany from entering on either side on the Rhine River;which is known as Rhineland.According to Document 3, Hitler had send troops into Rhineland,a buffer zone between Germany and France.The French were very surprised that Germany did this but did not want to...

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