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The Causes And Effects Of Homosexuality And The Tolerant Actions That Should Be Taken

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Psychologists’ main claim on the cause of homosexuality is that homosexuals grow up and/or mature in an environment unnatural to that of healthy, normal adults. There are two primary unnatural environments: the romantic environment and the adolescent environment. Scientists have done some research and found that most homosexuals were not born with their sexual orientation but that young people found the lifestyle as a point of refuge. “Young people who have had poor heterosexual relationships that caused physical or mental pain may retreat from all heterosexual experiences” (Miller 46). If the average human finds that he or she fail many times that the other option may end with more success. Young people today are more eager to start romantic relationships than ever which raises the probability of failure and therefore raising the probability of young people turning to homosexuality. The problem comes in when one realizes that the average teen is not mature enough to manage one’s own relationship and is more apt to fail than the average and more mature adult. This rise in relationship failures in not natural in society which henceforth concludes that homosexuality is not natural in society.
The second unnatural environment that homosexuals seem to have been brought up in is the adolescent environment. This consists of the atmospheres created by the parents and the peers. “As you can see, your parents have been instrumental in forming a part of your sexual identity. But research has found that the attitudes you hold today have also been determined by another group, your peers” (Miller 46). The very first things a child learns is what they get from the mouths of their parents. If the parents are already exposing their kids to liberal ideas such as homosexuality, it is very hard to change that kind of mindset once it has been said and done. If parents have already told their kids that being in love with someone of the same sex is okay than the kid will forever from then on be open to the idea making it more susceptible to its culture. Also, parents who are homosexuals are already by living the example showing their kids the ways of the homosexual culture convincing the children that later in life that going into those type of relationships are the normal thing to do. After a while, though, the influence of the parents become job of the friends that accompany the young adult that was once a small child. The friends all want to think the same as the others do, so they are willing to change their mindset about relationships in order to do so, which could lead to a wider acceptance of homosexuality. Although there is little explanation as to the existence of homosexuality, it does exist, and the effects of the wide movement exerted drastic effects.
The problematic results of increased homosexual activity fall into two categories: the effects on everyone in society and the pain inflicted upon themselves. The first pain inflicted upon their own being...

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