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The Causes And Treatments Of The Most Common Phobias

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The first common phobia is claustrophobia. Someone with claustrophobia tends to avoid certain places and situations that would involving them in tight spaces or narrow pathways. The possibilities of claustrophobic person getting into tight spaces or narrow pathways will start experiencing anxiety attack or panic attack. People who have claustrophobia rather walk up 10 or more flights of stairs than ride in elevators. Someone who is claustrophobic isn't afraid of tight or closed spaces, they are afraid of what would happens in the tight spaces or closed spaces. A claustrophobic is terrified of the feeling of being trapped. Some people who have claustrophobia experience excessive feeling of ...view middle of the document...

ECA(Epidemiological Catchment Area) study, Weissman et al,(1986) discovered a lifetime frequency for agoraphobia without panic disorder of 1.4%-6.6%, compared ti that of agoraphobia with panic disorder symptoms of 1.7%-2.6%. Munich study, Wittchen(1986) discovered that 50% of agoraphobics in the community never experienced a panic like state or panic disorder. A conclusion is that a clinical researchers has been effected by over representation of panic disorder with agoraphobia in clinic. Rather than reflecting genuine prevalence, this pattern might replicate influences on assisting behavior. Boyd (1986) examined data from ECA study from a range of conclusions and discovered that people with panic disorder more likely to look for assistance for their issues than those who are diagnosed with psychiatric disorder such as schizophrenia. The hypothesis was that panic is well understood as a biological or neurological irregularity is also under challenge ( Clark. 1986).
The third common phobia is arachnophobia. The top ten phobia that is experienced around the world is arachnophobia. The fear of spiders is related with disgust response. People who have arachnophobia are even frighten of the tiniest and least harmful spiders. When some arachnophobics look at spiders on television, they tend to feel anxiety, panic, and dread. People who have arachnophobia tends to exaggerate by cleaning everything around the house or constantly look at place where spiders might be hiding. Some of people who arachnophobia acknowledgment of their odd and and illogical manners. Sometimes their phobia is so bad that they are too afraid to even leave their house,...

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