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The Causes Of Car Accidents Essay

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A steel contraption weighing over a ton glides down a straight path at sixty or more miles an hour while dodging other contraptions and any debris on the path. The conductor of the contraption, though, is completely impaired in one way or another causing this steel death trap to swerve and lose control. Bang! Imagine that contraption, squashed under the weight of itself as it had rolled over several times; anybody inside, including the driver, would be dead. That would be a fatal car crash. In the year of 2012, over thirty five thousand people in America were killed by car crashes. Car accidents have many reasons for their appearance, but the causes are rarely avoided.
Distractions while driving may be one of the most common forms of driver negligence, but it actually results in the least amount of fatal accidents (excluding texting while driving). Distractions on the road can occur in many forms; a preferred song coming on the radio, a plane overhead, a tasty cheeseburger, or even your appearance. Distracted driving causes four out of five accidents in America according to the national census and results in 1,000 deaths a year. Everyone falls victim to simple distractions on the road as it is not an uncommon occurrence, but can easily be avoided. Focus is a skill that is beneficial to learn in the car because it will also come in handy in the work place as well as in the home. Learning focus will help to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.
In Arizona alone, eight hundred and six people died from drunk driving in the year 2012. On average, two thousand five hundred underage drinkers die nationwide, making drunk driving a national problem. According to the 2012 census, drunk driving had become one of the leading causes of deaths in America and the number is expected to increase each year as time goes on. When a person is drunk, the ethanol within the alcohol mixes with the blood and...

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