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The Causes, Treatment And Future Prevention Of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is constantly being researched and new causes are continually being discovered, making it difficult to identify and cure patients which may be affected by an undiscovered cause. Schizophrenia is diagnosed uses a system of different characteristics of the disease. If the patient possesses a certain number of these characteristics then they are said to be schizophrenic. Treatments for schizophrenia are varied and specialized based on the particular characteristics and background of the patient, but with such little knowledge of this disorder, some cases go untreated and most schizophrenics experience relapse within two years of their being released from a treatment facility. (Davison, 288) Society must be better educated concerning the symptoms and causes of schizophrenia to ensure early detection of cases and to curb misunderstandings about this devastating disorder.The causes of schizophrenia are rather varied and this leaves no definite way of either ensuring a person will or will not contract this abnormality. As a result, it is difficult to diagnose and treat schizophrenics unless the full extent of a person's particular case is known. Genetics has long been one of the known causes of schizophrenia, if one twin develops schizophrenia, then their identical twin would have a 50% chance of contracting it, or their fraternal twin would have a 17% chance. (Volk, 85) Identical twins have such a high chance of both, rather than one developing the disorder and since they have the exact same genes, given this it can be concluded that schizophrenia is directly linked to a persons DNA. It is also known that neurological abnormalities are a major cause of schizophrenia, specifically overproduction of dopamine leading to a false reality and structural abnormalities of brain tissue. Most schizophrenics have their outer ventricles swollen, a direct connection to schizophrenia, however the actual relation is not known. This is just another example of how little is truly known about this disease. Other structural abnormalities include a shrunken outer layer of the brain, damaged basal ganglia (which is connected to motor function and attention), as well as damage to the temporal lobes (which are connected to attention and thinking). One cause that has recently been discovered is a parasite called "toxoplasma gandii", which comes from cat excrement. This parasite can stay dormant and become active later in life, and also can be passed from mother to child. The actual effect that toxoplasma gandii has is unknown, however it is likely that it affects the brain chemically. Another thing currently being investigated as a cause is the herpes virus. The causes of schizophrenia are extremely varied and research is always going into the discovery of factors that lead to the disease. The particular causes of the disease related directly to the symptoms the patient will have making it imperative to put more money towards finding causes so we can put that...

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