The Cautious Man Essay

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A meeting was going on in a tall building on 74th and 1st on the Upper East Side of New York City. Seven people were a part of this meeting and they spoke in hushed voices. The windows were blacked out, security cameras were covered, and the men were sworn to secrecy. Every person in the building that day were analysts, several local men. One of them had broken the oath they had sworn to and would be killed if found out, but this man was cautious. He watched every word he said and he was probably the least suspected of telling their secret. He was their leader.

2 Months Earlier
Jacob Fields was simple person, he had a good job in a big company, a nice wife, and a large German Shepard. They lived in a small, but not tiny apartment on the Upper West Side. Everyday was pretty much the same, he commuted by subway to his job, sat at his computer for some time, then attended a daily financial meeting. His position in his company was not high, but he was happy with his job. As the work day ended Jacob would call his wife, Clara, pick up some groceries, and head home.
Although the day would end for many people as it got dark, Jacob had an odd hobby. He had been in the army before and had a special interest in other countries. Not just the common information like population, but a more in depth interest. He would research things such as the history of nuclear weapons in a country, or the amount of terrorist actions in one country. The things he researched were not known by many other people in the world, you could even say they were hidden information which he uncovered. If he found something so amazing one day and couldn't hold it in, he would tell his wife. Usually she would just brush off whatever he was talking about, but other days she listened intently and asked many questions.

The cautious man knew that they were being recorded. He was the one recording. The others spoke of foreign lands, mainly in Africa. They knew many secrets, the cautious man had underestimated the group of researchers. As he was told the information, his phone began to ring, an unknown caller, but he knew who it was, his other boss. He excused himself from the room and took the call.

"How much do they know?" said a voice that was being distorted, so the identity was unknown.
"Too much" said the cautious man.
"How do we stop them from finding out more?" said the voice.
"Someone has to be eliminated to weaken them."
"I will take care of it," stated the voice and the phone went dead.

The cautious man's boss had always been very secretive. He had started to get phone calls one day saying that he was a great analyst and his...

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