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The Cell Of The Human Essay

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The cell is the smallest unit in the structural hierarchy of life that does every work needed for life (Reec, Urry, Cain, Minorsky, Jackson & Wasserman, 2009). This cell works with other cells in a system to perform other complex process by dividing the functions of performing the complex work to groups of cells. For instance, the process of moving the eyes of the readers while reading this research happens because the activity of the muscle and nerve cells (Reec et al., 2009). Moreover, every process of performing complex work that cells take part in happens because of dividing the functions of the cell particularly between its parts. One of the cell parts is the cell membrane which has many organelles, and these organelles are the same in the animal cell which is the human cell type. The important organelles in the cell membrane are nucleus of the cell and mitochondria. All of these organelles perform works alongside each other in the cell to work as a whole in performing the work of the cell in the body of the human such as being nerve or muscle cell. Therefore, to explain the activity that the cell membrane and every important organelle inside the cell membrane does to take part in the main activity that the cell does to perform other complex work, this research is going to explain the cell membrane, nucleus of the cell, and mitochondria individually.
First of all, the cell membrane, or as what it called sometimes plasma membrane is the boundary of the cell that separate the cell from the environment that surround the cell. The cell membrane is one of the cell parts that help the cell to be not affected by other variables trying to enter inside the cell. According to Harrison and Lunt (1980) who wrote Biological Membranes; their structure and function, one of the cell membrane functions is to protect the cell from variables that trying to enter inside the cell system. Therefore, the cell membrane is like the guard of the cell which is if there is no guard to the cell, the cell may have negative results from other variables because they can change the system of the cell. Also, there is another function of the cell membrane additionally to the cell membrane function of protecting the cell from other variables. The cell membrane allows other materials to enter into the cell when the cell needs these materials. According to Reec, Urry, Cain, Minorsky, Jackson, and Wasserman (2009) who wrote Campbell Biology, the cell membrane is “Selective permeability; that allows some substance to cross it more easily than others. (P.125)” Therefore, whenever the cell needs some materials the responsibility of the cell membrane is to allow these materials to enter inside the cell which allows the cell to take advantage from these whatever materials. Moreover, the other function to which the cell membrane is responsible is to remove the product or the leftover of the materials which the cell membrane had already allowed to enter in the cell after the cell took...

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