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THE FACILITYThe door closed. Alone in the dark room, I could feel the shadows creeping in around me, not even the candles are bright enough to overcome the darkness. I stood there, waiting for something to happen, while the cool air and the fear of being in that man's house chilled my very soul. I thought of how to get out, to get my revenge. As I walked around cautiously, my footsteps echoed in the large, marble room.Suddenly, a light came on, brightly shining me. I braced myself, anticipating an attack. Instead, a door opened, and Dr. Evil came into the room, followed by some guards."What a pleasure!" he exclaimed cheerfully, pushing my chin up as if to examine me."Get away from me!" I snarled back, pushing him roughly. The guards raised their guns, all of them heavily built and wearing dark green, military style clothes. The doctor, wearing black, leather shoes, black trousers and a long, brown coat, gestured them to lower their weapons, and the guards obeyed."I want to make a deal with you," he said calmly. "If my experiment on you works, you will have great power.""I don't want your stupid power. I've seen what happens. I've seen them die the most horrible deaths.""I was hoping that you would volunteer," the doctor said coldly. I felt a strong electric shock in my back.I woke up, my upper body bandaged. The part where the stun gun got me still hurts. I try to get up, but I can hardly lift my arm. I look down. There's a dripper attached to my left arm, and some wires attached to my body. I looked at the liquid in the dripper. 'ANASTHETIC'. I rip it out of my arm, and do the same with the wires. I struggle to get up, and then walked over the polished floor, towards the window. I could see a massive garden through the iron bars. I got back to bed.A few weeks had passed, and I could fell my strength coming back. I have not seen the doctor since, but a young, friendly nurse always brought me food. Life here doesn't seem so bad now. It makes me forget where I really am, forget the outside world. As soon as I healed completely, I was free to walk around, exploring the facility. That's what they called it. They didn't give me a name, probably from the fear of me figuring out the location. Although there were places that were off-limits, it was interesting to talk with the other 'patients'. A lot of them were volunteers, wanting the power that the doctor offered, and were surprised to know that I was forced in here, against my will. I still had a strong objection against the doctor's views on genetic experiments, but I'm...

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