The Center For Disease Control And Bioterrorism

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The Center of Disease Control and Prevention has an emergency awareness and response page based off of a zombie apocalypse to help inform people on how they should be ready if a major emergency were to occur. The CDC has a range of research and information from heart disease to the worst, infectious, disease-causing agents. The CDC also shares information about how to prepare and what to do if a bioterrorism attack or pandemic were to occur. The Center of Disease and Control is a diversified government organization that has the main purpose of protecting the public against the serious threats of bioterrorism and dangerous pandemics.
The Center of Disease Control and Prevention performs studies to acquire information about the health and wellness of the general public. Some of these studies include simple censuses that ask people about preexisting conditions, height, weight, age, and their family history and health. They also look to see how certain diseases affect a person’s body and how they can be dealt with. For example, the Center of Disease Control and Prevention would conduct studies of people in different age groups and family history hat already have heart disease. They then look to see if the cause of heart disease in the different age groups is influenced by any particular factors. They have found that the risk of heart disease is increased if a person has a genetic history of heart disease caused by hypercholesterolemia and by ingesting high fat foods, low exercise, and ingesting harmful products like alcohol or tobacco. The main fields that the CDC focuses these studies upon are Diseases and Conditions, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Environmental Health, Life Stages and Populations, Healthy Living, Injury, Violence and Safety, Traveler’s Health, and Workplace Safety and Health. Each of these main categories have many sub divisions of information that extend to even more specific areas.
All of the research which the CDC conducts is available for the public to look at in simplified formats. For any person wanting to look at information regarding a specific topic, they would first need to select one of the general, main topics, then follow a process of narrowing the main points down until they were to reach the specific topic which they were looking for. An example of a specific topic that a person could find on the CDC website would include how the Avian Flu infects a person and how the virus affects the body of the person afflicted with it. On the CDC’s website a person can find information on just about any health related topic.
One of the goals of the CDC is to inform people about the possibility of a pandemic and how to prevent one from happening. The CDC explains what kinds of diseases have the possibility of propagating into a widespread pandemic. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention also tells how people can help prevent a pandemic and how the CDC takes steps to avoid a pandemic. ...

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