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The Central Role Of Communication In Developing Trust And Its Effect On Employee Involvement

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In 1946, on north end of Lake Washington, a dream began. Three high school friends, Bob Munro, Reg Collins, and Jack Mines decided to start a business. Originally, Munro and Collins had planned on entering the airplane repair business. However, Mines wanted to go bigger. He proposed the idea that they offer flight instruction and a charter service. In the beginning, they had no real business plan; they just wanted to go into the aviation business. Together, the three of them founded Kenmore Air; now the biggest seaplane airline in America (.
From April through October of 2013, I had the opportunity to work for Kenmore Air as a Customer Service Agent. My employment at Kenmore Air gave me valuable experience in working with customers, keeping a level head during stressful situations, in addition to active problem solving and conflict resolution. In this paper, I will examine in detail one of the conflicts I faced during my employment and present my resolution to it.


In this paper I will be using research results found and presented by Gail Fann Thomas, Monterey Roxanne Zolin, and Jackie L. Hartman in their article titled: The Central Role of Communication in Developing Trust and its Effect on Employee Involvement; published in 2009. In this article, Thomas et al. conduct a study to see the extent that information influences coworker’s involvement on trust and employee involvement. Before examining the conflict in question, we will first examine the findings of Thomas and his fellow researchers.
In their research, Thomas et al. (2009) use the following as a working definition for trust: “Trust is based on beliefs about the other party which are shaped by information.” (2009). We can see just through this definition that information is the key to trust. In order for coworkers to trust each other, managers to trust those they manage, and employees to trust their employers, there must be an exchange of information.
In order to build trust, the information exchanged between parties must follow a certain criteria. As Thomas et al. (2009) found in their study, “… to increase trust among coworkers and supervisors, it is important that information be timely, accurate, and useful” (2009, p). To further examine the criteria for trust-building information, the article explains that receiving enough quality information from fellow employees or management “[tends] to reduce the trustor’s perception of vulnerability and make one more willing to rely on the trustee" (Thomas et al., 2009). We can see that the quality and amount of information received can greatly affect the trust, involvement, and enthusiasm of an employee.
According to Thomas et al. (2009), the more trust an employee has for his coworkers and management, they will be more willing to be involved in the company and openly communicate. Greater amounts of trust, open communication, and organizational involvement make an employee more satisfied with his or her employer and...

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