The Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning Sociology Essay

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Summary
Sociology 3325
Professor: Dr. Christine McCown
October 18th, 2017
Terri Stone
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: T he Beginning 2006
Director:  Jonathan Liebesman Writers:  Sheldon Turner (screenplay), Sheldon Turner (story) 
This film is another re-make to the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974.
The film begins with scenes inside a slaughterhouse where an awkward woman that works the floor asks for help when her water breaks, she collapses, and a deformed baby is born. The mother dies, and the baby is left to die in a dumpster, wrapped in brown meat packing paper. The baby was rescued by a woman named Luda Mae Hewitt who named him Tommy. At a very early age, Tommy started self-mutilating and killed animals. By the age of 14, he began working for Lee Bro, Meat Co.- a slaughterhouse which was the only employer in town. In 1969 the Texas Health Department condemned and closed the slaughterhouse for unsanitary conditions. The newspaper headlines read “100’s left jobless, Texas town dies, Draft for Vietnam conflict.” Other characters from the Hewitt family: Charlie Hewitt (who kills the town Sheriff and takes his identity as Sheriff Hoyt), and Uncle Monty (that waits for orders from Hoyt). They are a demented hillbilly family of ex-slaughterhouse workers, who are the sole survivors of the town.
This sequel dives right into cannibalism, showing how the Hewitt family is so destitute that they have to resort to cannibalism for sustenance, and how they acquire their fondness for devouring human flesh.
The four young protagonists: Eric Hill who has already seen his share of combat, plans to take his brother Dean to enlist in the Marine Corps. Dean's plans are different than his older brother’s plans. Instead, Dean intends to dodge the draft after the boys and their respective girlfriends, Bailey (Dean's girlfriend) and Chrissie (Eric's girlfriend) return from their fun trip across Texas and go live in Mexico. The young couples are depicted as highly sexualized as was norm of the youth of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Chrissie who is in love wanting to get married and have a family with Eric taking a heteronormal role in the movie, whereas Bailey is portrayed as somehow promiscuous, adventurous, and kinky.
Soon after their journey begins, the young couples unknowingly go across Hewitt territory. Sheriff Hoyt picks them up following a car wreck in which collide...

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