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The Challenge And Solutions Of Effective Parent Involvement Part#2

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The Challenge 4grows." For example the child needs to be able to complete homework assignments on their own and the parent's role in this regard is limited to ensuring it's completion. According to Bloom's Stability and Change in Human Characteristics (as referenced by Sergiovanni) the intellectual development of the child depends largely on the child'd environment and since 80% of the intellectual growth is achieved by age eight, it is imperative that the child have certain learning experiences by that time if they are to develop appropriately. The case of the over-zealous parent has two implications: the student will experience academic success only under the close supervision and direction of the parent, or the child will experience ...view middle of the document...

Teachers are directed to look very closely at the work that is being produced by the student to ensure that it is their independent work (and not the over-zealous, grade cognizant work of the parent). Whenever meeting with the parent, this needs to be explained to them (at the primary, middle and secondary levels). Administrators need to communicate this expectation through parental correspondence to the home, school programs, and when they interface directly with parents. The Challenge 5 The issue of effective parental involvement is one that will challenge teachers and administrators for years to come. The opposite ends of the continuum that include the under-involved parent and the over-zealous parent both have implications that could negatively impact the student. The relationship with the under-involved parent will require a diligent teacher to establish a line of communication that will result in the increased involvement of that parent. Effective schools will communicate their expectations to the over-zealous parent (regarding less parental involvement) and educate them with respect to the student development process. Sergiovanni maintains that effective schools foster an environment of creative problem solving and this is the approach one must take in terms of addressing the problem of effective parental involvement.ReferencesBloom, Benjamin s. 1954. Stability and Change in Human Characteristics. New York: Wiley.Myrick, R. (1997). Developmental guidance and counseling: A practical approach. Minneapolis, MN: Educational Media Corporation

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