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The challenging family situation I would like to share with you is our move from china to the United States. In 1999, my life was changed when my family immigrated to a new country, hoping for a better future. My life in China was hopeless, because I was a failing student with not much interest in school. The only positive aspect to my life was my private computer lessons. Web Design presented me with an opportunity to create my own world. One day, my parents told me that we were going to move to the United States of ...view middle of the document...

Some guys assumed that I did not understand them at all, so they made rude remarks about me. I understood them, maybe not completely, but I knew the intent of their messages. I wanted to go back to china and talk freely with my friends and play games with them. My parents often told me that they decided to move here because of the educational opportunities, yet I continued to rebel and refused to listen to what they said.Over time, my English improved. I moved on to regular English classes; some of which were challenging. I always enjoyed class trips to the computer lab, where I would start programming on the computer. Before long, I made more friends and found that I was enjoying school. Thoughts of going back to china faded, and my grades going well. When my friends came over to my house, I became the translator between my parents and my friends. Since then, I often translate for my parents in any occasion where translation is needed. Talking to some adults was intimidating and sometimes embarrassing, but I felt mature and responsible. The rest of my school year went by very smoothly, and my self-confidence grew. Now I help other Chinese people with language difficulties, helping them to understand English and American customs.

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