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The Challenge Of Maternal Postpartum Psychological State

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Maternal postpartum psychological state is an outcome following childbirth that is either positive or negative that is directly influenced by maternal underlying factors; both intrinsic and extrinsic (O'Hara, 1991).This factors often cause disorders generally characterized by regulation of mood ,thought and /or behavior that affect the mothers to the extent that social integration becomes problematic both to the child, partner and the caregiver (who, 2004).
Postpartum psychological states has a number of characteristics that make it a particularly compelling target for prevention intervention, yet little has been done both locally and globally. These includes a clear time onset such as during childbirth, a distinct risk period upto six months post-delivery and an identified population with a risk period thtas the expectant mothers (who, 2004)
(Patel, 2002)States that maternal psychological state during pregnancy and the postnatal period can have serious consequences for the health and wellbeing of the mother and her baby; as well as the partner and other family members. Whereas progression of stressors during this period results in mental illnesses such as maternal depression and postnatal psychotic disorders, proper evaluation and methods put would prevent negative outcomes of maternal psychological states.
In view of the fact these psychological states can set in motion detrimental patterns of parenting and developmental processes that may be difficult to change with the lapse of time, there has been limited availability of effective prevention programs globally that are a representative of missed opportunity to improve children’s growth and development (WHO, 2008)
Maternal centered model of care should be put into consideration with commitment of the caregiver in close monitoring of the mothers emotional physical, social mental and economical needs. Essentially, good communication between healthcare professionals, providers and women and their partners and families should be supported and tailored towards needs.
(Bick, 1998) points out that multiparity caring for other members, financial problems and anxiety about personal and fetal health were the predictors of psychological health problems in the third trimester of pregnancy within the antenatal period, whereas the two predictors for postpartum psychological health problems were psychological health problems in the third trimester of pregnancy and the method of infant feeding at eight (8wks)
According to (Mortzavi F I., 2007) perinatal care and support ,psychological factors, the environment, multiparity and the relationship with the partner impact on the outcome resulting to either a positive or negative maternal psychological state.
Thus, whereas high expectations surrounds pregnancy and birth, not only for physical safety and wellbeing, but also for emotional fulfillment every pregnancy and labor being a unique event, it may differ...

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