The Challenges Confronting A Corrections Manager/Administrator

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The challenges confronting a Corrections Manager/Administrator is increasing accountability, civil service, unions, prison overcrowding, special needs inmates, and upgrading correctional personnel. Increasing accountability directly impacts the ability to manage because wardens no longer have absolute control of their prisons or direct access to the governor. Civil service directly impacts the ability to manage because there is now legal standards for hiring, promoting, and firing. It indirectly impacts the ability to manage because the Manager usually does not do the hiring, promoting, and firing. There are people assigned to do that job. Unions directly impact the ability to manage because of organized strikes and the challenging of the manager's authority. Unions indirectly affect the ability to manage because the warden can no longer determine pay, benefits, promotional standards, policy, or working conditions. Prison overcrowding directly affects the ability to manage because classroom, storage rooms, and hallways have to be turned into dormitories, which mean more areas to staff. Prison overcrowding indirectly affects the ability to manage because the court determines it how many inmates you receive not what you have room for. Special needs inmates directly impact the ability to manage because they may require special housing, special medical service, or protection from the population and it is you r job to make sure this happens. Special needs inmates indirectly affect the ability to manage because there is other people assigned to do this job. Upgrading correctional personnel directly impacts the ability to manage because the manager can succeed if the prison employees are physically, emotionally, educationally, and motivationally able to work as a team. Upgrading correctional personnel indirectly affects the ability to manage because...

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