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The Challenges Of Single Parent Families

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Single Parent


Even though the Census Bureau shown that single parent families are increase every year I did not want to be a static of not providing for my family but just another public assist person.
Being a single parent is not your first through when you get marry, you think it will be until death due you part. You have to make up your mind if you want to live in an abusive relation or be at peace and happy. After living with an abusive husband and one child I decide that I did not have to take the abuse and could make it on my own.
Once I decide that I was tired of the abuse and needed to feel safe I left my husband. My parents open the doors and said come home. There are many obstacles a single parent faces in making this decision you have to decide what is important for your survive. Sometimes there may not be money available to pay rent, buy grocery and shoes for child you have to decide what import and where to get help.
That’s when the church family and your family play important part. Leaving and getting a divorce and from abusive husband it was matter of survive and not living in fear. To have parent that support your move and were will to help you start over is a plus. Static were showing that children from single parent home were more likely to be juvenile or the girls were more likely to become pregnant. I on the other hand was determining to show that did not have to be true for my children. Just because my child did not grown up in a two parent have did not mean that she could not achieve. When I left my husband I made a conscience decide to not let her be a static. I stress to her education if she want to drive that purple Jaguar working minimum wage jobs would get and set disciplinary guild lines and do not be afraid to enforce them. As the blue song said “I can do bad myself, I don’t need no one to help me starve to death”. If you do not have any training or education you have to make up your mind if you want to be on public assist or something better for you and child/children even if it means work at McDonald until you can improve your situation. Despite what static shows Single Parent can be success by having Religious, finance, discipline and strong family support.

Religious in a single parent home does have some an effect on the children behavior and the family has a whole. If they have a good foundation in religious involvement with their children tend to have less corporal punishment and less stress on the parent. Religious helps the single parent to promote positive child development and help the parent to practice good parent skills. (Petts, 2010)
Church support
The church is being call upon to be more than a house of worship but to reach out to their young members. The church can make a difference by make family that is one parent feel comfortable. Have things include children in worship making the family feel as though they belong to the Church family....

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