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The Challenges That Young Professionals Face In The Media, Journalism And Communications Industry

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There are many professional and personal issues that young aspiring media professionals will have to respond too in their future careers. From the way social media has democratised people to being able to have a fragment attention span to weary of the fourth estate; there will be many challenges produced that need to be overcome. As a student aspiring to either be a public relation practitioner, a publisher or a magazine editor, there are numerous issues that will affect my personal identity and characteristics required for my success as a media professional. Although currently one of the biggest issues facing the media, journalism and communications industry is the use of social media as a ...view middle of the document...

Only being a young adult, the negative statements made in my early teens still has permanent impressions on my psyche and these comments are reinstated internally whenever someone scrutinises my work or my flaws. To be able to succeed in any career, this part of my professional identity needs to be recalibrated and developed.
We’ve recently seen the effects that a torrent of online abuse can have on one’s mind and mental state with the recent death of Charlotte Dawson. Dawson was in the media industry and spotlight for a long time, starting from modelling and then progressing into a fashion journalist and reporting for many Australia television networks and magazines (ABC News, 2014). Unfortunately due to mental health issues, Dawson was unable to endure and handle the criticism that was persecuted through social media outlets. As someone who has previously dealt with depression and wants to break into the journalism, media and communication industry, and this incident made me assess my own characteristics and consider new ways to overcome this.
According to Dr Christina Swart-Opperman, a director within Human Resources Services department, there are three A’s to follow whenever presented with criticism: ask, acknowledge and add. Swart-Opperman suggests that the first step is to acknowledge your critic with a nod or non-committal word to let them know that you heard what was said – not that you agree (Swales, n.d.). At this point, you are attempting to see it from their point of view and it is important not to lay blame on anyone and to not come to any conclusions about whether the criticism received was justified (Swales, n.d.). Next, Swart-Opperman recommends asking the critic to listen to your side of the story and to show them that you are considering the criticism rationally, not emotionally, and that you are willing to listen. Lastly is to add your thoughts and finally decide whether you agree with the criticism and apologise if needed (Swales, n.d.).
Regardless of your area of expertise, everyone is subject to scrutiny and criticism in their profession. Instead of dwelling on the incident and getting caught up in the blame game, what I need to understand, and what others need to understand is to accept responsibility for the mistakes we’ve made and to learn from, move on, and focus on the overall goal. Ultimately, it is possible to turn your brand’s advocate’s amplified social voice to work in your favour but treating them right, following through on promises and to avoid getting caught in bias or controversial issues that could be detrimental to your media career.

With the modern media being a blend of traditional media and technology, shifting from print media to social media, the standards have dropped and there is a need for integrity. The manifestation of this important quality can not only enhance and become a quintessential core quality of a successful and happy life, but a value that will produce a high quality of work in...

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