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The Chamberlain Case Essay

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The Chamberlain Case

"A Dingo Took My Baby!"They were the words that Lindy Chamberlain had
screamed out into the blackness of the cold night in a camping ground
close to Ayers Rock, Central Australia, on the night of August 17
1980, when she discovered that her nine-week-old baby, Azaria had been
taken by a dingo. Lindy had returned to the family tent where she had
left her sleeping 4 year old son, Reagan, and Azaria only moments
before. Her husband Michael was sure that he had heard Azaria cry out.
As she approached, closely followed by their 6 year old son Aidan,
Lindy saw with a large dingo coming out of their tent. It seemed to be
shaking its head like it was trying to drag something out of the tent.
She couldn't see what it was. As Lindy reached the opening of the tent
a sense of panic had begun to well inside her. The children! Lindy ran
from the tent moments later calling out "A dingo took my baby!!"
In this essay, you will see the prosecution and defence as well as the
rumours which circulated at that time.

The aim of the Prosecution is to provide evidence which would lead to
the conviction of Lindy Chamberlain of the murder of her daughter,
Azaria. There were four arguments which eventually lead to Lindy's
conviction. Firstly Ian Barker stated that, although Azaria's body was
never found, they would easily see, from the evidence, that she was in
fact dead. The way of death they would also find difficult to
determine accurately, because a body was never found, but it would be
proved, from the scientific evidence presented, that Azaria had died
due to the loss of a large amount of blood after having had her throat
cut. Barker informed the jurors that they would not be attempting to
explain why Lindy Chamberlain had killed her baby; in fact it would
not be undertaking any explanation. The evidence to be put before them
would simply prove beyond reasonable doubt, that, for whatever reason,
the baby was murdered by her mother. Lindy Chamberlain's claim that a
dingo had taken her baby was a 'imaginary lie' intended to cover up
the truth. Barker went on to explain that the evidence given by Joy
Kuhl was vital to the case as the presence of blood in the
Chamberlains' car destroyed the dingo attack explanation given by Mrs
Chamberlain no matter what there may have been to support such an
explanation. Secondly, English forensic expert Professor James
Cameron- whose testimony had in one notable case sent the wrong people
to jail back in his homeland had given evidence during the trial of a
small, bloodied, adult handprint on the baby's jumpsuit-Lindy. This
claim was totally destroyed by new evidence that "what he thought was
blood on the back of the jumpsuit was infact, red sand. Thirdly, on
the night Azaria disappeared, dingoes were seen close to the camping
area, and witnesses...

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