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The Possibility Of Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

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The Possibility of Preventing Cardiovascular Disease

''Cardiovascular disease kills one in 3 people in the uk''[1].
Although cardiovascular diseases are on the decline, it is still
Britain's biggest number 1 killer ''responsible for 40% of premature
deaths''[2]. The cardio-vascular system is responsible for supplying
the body with blood. The heart pumps blood around the body through
arteries, veins and capillaries, it is made of cardiac tissue and is
positioned in the thoracic region. Cardiovascular diseases occur when
blood and oxygen supply to the heart is restricted, it has 2 main

* Diseases of the heart (Cardio)

* Diseases of blood vessels (Vascular)

Cardiovascular diseases cover a broad term of diseases and not jus one
condition. Some types of cardiovascular diseases cant be prevented
because some are congenital and you are born with them e.g.- Blue
baby- (''congenital heart defect in a new born baby''[3]) other types
of Cardiovascular diseases develop over a period of a lifetime and
often you can help prevent by taking action e.g.: exercise, a balanced
diet etc. I am going to have a look at the diseases and disorders of
the cardiovascular system and the factors contributing to the disease:

ARTHEROSCLEROSIS: a build up of fats including cholesterol, narrowing
the artery passage, hardening the vessel walls and loss of elasticity-
results in Coronary Heart Disease.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: degenerative type of disease, hardening of vessel
walls and loss of elasticity- this condition mainly occurs in the

STROKE (CVA): decreased supply of oxygen to the brain.

ANGINA PECTORIS- symptom of a disease like CHD due decreased oxygen
supply to the heart

MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION: blockage of coronary arteries by a blood clot
reducing the blood supply to the myocardium muscle of the heart, it
may occur in pregnancy or obesity.

VARICOSE VEINS: vascular disease, defect valve action within the veins
of the leg allowing back flow of blood, this could hereditary

PHLEBITIS: Inflammation of a vein.

RAYNAUDS DISEASE: circulation disorder affecting the fingers and toes.

LEUKEMIA: due to overproduction of white blood cells.

HAEMOPHILLIA: Blood's inability to clot.

ANAEMIA: Reduction in the blood's ability to carry oxygen caused by a
decrease in red blood cells or the haemoglobin they carry.

HIGH CHOLESTROL: the higher the cholesterol level in the blood, the
greater the risk of developing heart disease, causing atherosclerosis
and CHD.

STRESS: this is another factor, when a person is under stress, the
heart works harder, pumping blood more quickly. Excessive and
unresolved stress can lead to high blood pressure, coronary thrombosis
and heart attacks.

DIABETES: people with diabetes have a high risk of stroke and heart

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