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The Danger Of Sports Concussions Essay

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Due to the recent findings on concussion based injuries, chief bodies of sports associations from professional to organized sports should take all possible steps to protect athletes from the dangers of concussions sustained on the field of play using medical based assessments and time restrictions in returning to play too soon. The NFL has been pushing player safety more and more over the past couple years. Slowly but surely rules and regulations have changed to better protect athletes from the dangers of concussions on all levels of play; professional, college, high/middles school and organized sports for children. However to protect players from the dangers of concussions, we must first understand them.
Joseph Nordqvist, wrote an article on about concussions and it was very insightful in telling the causes, effects, and symptoms of concussions. Slowly, concussions have become increasingly diagnosed because more and more is being found out about them. Concussions are very hard to understand because scientists and doctors still don’t fully understand them. The definition if a concussion is "An injury of a soft structure, as the brain, resulting from a blow or violent shaking."(Nordqvist) It is commonly known that concussions can cause short-term problems which are, “temporary loss of brain function leading to cognitive, physical and emotional symptoms, such as confusion, vomiting, headache, nausea, depression, disturbed sleep, moodiness, and amnesia.” (Nordqvist) But what is not commonly known is just as much, if not more of a concern. “However, even when the symptoms of a concussion appear to have gone, the brain is still not yet 100 percent normal.” (Nordqvist) This means that people over the years haven’t realized that some of their problems may have been caused by a past concussion. Nordqvist says that a study was carried out, “comparing healthy athletes to those of the same age who suffered from a concussion thirty years ago. The results showed that those who experienced head trauma had symptoms similar to those of early Parkinson's disease.” (Nordqvist) This finding is huge for doctors and people everywhere. If we could possibly prevent things like Parkinson’s disease in former athletes, just by making sports safety regulations and equipment safer, then why not? The more we know, the safer and healthier we can make our athletes. Remember, it’s just a game after all.
The NFL and football organizations everywhere are already striving toward a more safe sport. The NFL has had many lawsuits by former players saying that they didn’t do enough to protect them from the effects of concussions and other head related injuries. In result of this, the NFL dedicated more than $100 million over the next decade to medical research, with the vast majority going to concussion-related research. This money will obviously go towards the research and understanding of concussions, but also how they could make the game safer for the...

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