The Change From Boy To Man

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In Stephen Crane’s novel, The red badge of courage, it tells the story of a boy named Henry Fleming. This boy is fascinated in the fact that he wants to join the Union in the Civil war. So one day, Henry decides to make the decision without his mother’s consent. “Ma, I’m going to enlist” (Crane 3). Even though his mother didn’t agree with it, “Henry, don’t be a fool” (Crane 3). He is so excited to get into camp and begin his trek through fighting like a real man. So his mom packs his rucksack and he begins his journey, into the Union Army, as a young soldier doing a man’s job.
Henry arrives at camp with a huge excitement for the war, but that’s about to change. With pride in his ...view middle of the document...

“Think any of the boys’ll run” asked Henry (Crane 6)? “Oh, there may be a few of ‘em run, but there’s them kind in every regiment, ‘specially when they first goes under fire” said the tall soldier (Crane 6). Henry, at the time was kidding, but he will quickly learn that what he said is exactly what he is going to do in the face of battle.
The next morning, Henry thought that he would be going into battle, but not yet. Henry, as he waits to face the Confederate in the heat of battle, has one thing on his mind. He is afraid to go into battle, he is scared. He really wonders if he is a chicken or not. He wanted to go into battle, that’s why he wanted to join the Army, but now he does not know. He was kidding last night when he asked Jim if any of the boys will run, but now it’s eating him alive. The men finally move out, which means to move as a company in one formation. Once they arrive at the new camp, Henry goes to lie in the grass and think. As he is laying there picking grass in self-pity, the tall soldier approaches. “Why, hello, Henry; is it you? What are you doing here” (Crane 11)? “Oh, nothing,” said the youth (Crane 11). Henry had a lot on his mind, mostly about whether he was going to run or not.
Henry then makes friends with another soldier he calls the loud soldier, but his name was Wilson. He liked the loud soldier too. Once again, Henry brings up the running from battle conversation again, but this time, with the loud soldier as he lights his pipe by a fire. “How do you know you won’t run when the time comes” (Crane 11)? “Run?” said the loud soldier “run?—of course not” (Crane 11)! The youth continued the conversation. “Well, lots of good-a-‘nough men have thought they were going to do great things before the fight, but when the time comes they skedaddled” (Crane 11). The loud soldier was pretty confident that he wasn’t going to run. He even put a bet down on it. “The man that bets on my running will lose his money, that’s all” (Crane 12). The youth still didn’t know what to do. He still had a lot on his mind.
Henry woke up the next morning with the sound of tents being taking down and soldiers packing their gear together. They were on their way to a new location. They were moving out again, but this time deep into the forest. They walked for miles. So long the soldiers started counting the miles with their fingers. Finally, Wilson, the loud soldier spoke out. “Sore feet and damned short rations, that’s all” (Crane 13). They were all so tired. They barely had any food and very little water. They were running on empty. “You can now eat and shoot, that’s all you want to do” said the loud soldier (Crane 13).
The regiment sat down to take a rest. They were all complaining about how far they had marched. “What th’ thunder-we-skedaddlin’ this way fer” (Crane 13). “What th’devil they in sich a hurry for” (Crane 13). The men were all wondering what the heck they were in such a hurry for. Maybe Jim, the tall soldier, was...

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