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In the old traditional times, men were responsible for financial support and women were responsible for raising the children and doing house works. However, society has changed, the family structure has changed, and the members roles have changed. In today’s world women are more independent and more educated, a woman works to help her husband and family. In this world we are trying to have equal rights and responsibilities among men and women. When a women works she might choose to get married and have children later. When she decide to have that child, her life will change because she would have to balance between mothering and being a feminist.
Many people believe that a woman cannot be a feminist and a mother together; she has to either be a feminist or mother. To some people being a mother means loss: a loss of power, freedom, opportunity and the ability to determine and define one’s self. I believe women can balance between work and being a mother. Every mother can work hard to be in the labor force and still be a mother. If a woman is a mother it does not mean that she needs to lose her identity as a working individual and just sit home and raise her children. Women can balance between both being a mother and work. Women can continue in their career and be a great working mother. This is feminist mothering, which is balancing between being a feminist and a mother. It provides women power and enables them to impact the social changes they seek for themselves, their children, and the world at large. Feminist mothering redefine the mother work as political and social act. This is a big difference to the traditional motherhood that limits mothering to a private care in a local sphere. Feminist mothering is very open especially to social and political acts. Dealing with feminist mothering, Sharon Hays argues that "the ideological separation of public and private spheres" results in "the value of intimate and family life [standing] as an explicit rejection of the values of economic and political life". In this essay I am going to discuss Hays statement and discuss the truthfulness of this statement based on my opinion and other scholars opinions.

Feminist Mothering vs Motherhood:
To talk about feminist mothering I need to first distinguish between motherhood and mothering. I believe many people including myself did not know the difference between Motherhood and Mothering. Adrienne Rich draws an important distinguishes between motherhood and mothering in her book: Of Woman Born. She said “motherhood” describes the patriarchal institution of motherhood, which is a male-defined and controlled and this is so unfair to the woman, although the word “mothering” describes women’s experience of mothering and that are female-defined and centered and potentially empowering to women. The institution of motherhood is driven by a set of culturally and historically specific ideologies that shape mother-identities and their attendant...

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