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The Change In Status And Position Of Jews In Russia, France And Germany In The Years 1880 1920

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The Change in Status and Position of Jews in Russia, France and Germany in the Years 1880-1920

Throughout history Jews have been persecuted. I am going to write
about how their status and position changed from 1880 to 1920 in the
countries France, Russia and Germany. Anti-Semitism, the persecution
of Jews, was introduced centuries before the year 1880. In Ancient
times Jews were used as slaves by the Egyptian's, the Babylonian's and
the Roman's. In many countries Jewish temples, synagogues were
destroyed and Judaism was banned. As Christianity grew so did the
persecution of Jews. Christians blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus
Christ and the Bible calls the Jews, 'The children of the Devil'. Many
high figures in the Church spoke openly about their hatred of Jews,
Saint Jerome (374-419) said, 'They seek all earthly things, but think
nothing of heavenly things…'Martin Luther, the Protestant reformist
later said in 1543, '…we cannot tolerate them…therefore away with

In Medieval Europe Jews were ejected and tolerated in different
countries. Jews were expelled from places such as England in 1290, in
Spain the Spanish inquisition first tried to force Jews to convert to
Christianity, and then they were finally expelled in 1492. There were
also expulsions in France in the 14th Century, many Jews found refuge
in Poland where they were guaranteed rights. Many Jews were expelled
from the country they lived because; the monarch of the country may
have owed them money. Christian's were forbidden to lend money and
charge interest, so Jews got the jobs such as bankers and became
wealthy. The Christian's became jealous of the Jews, however if a
Jewish businessman lent money to the royalty of that country and the
repayments got too high, the monarch could just expel all Jews. This
cleared his debt. The Crusades war also proved a huge problem for
European Jews. The Crusaders were Christian's travelling from Northern
Europe to Jerusalem to fight in the Holy War. On the way they stopped
at towns around Europe and massacred many Jews, in some cases the
Archbishop of that town tried to stop the Crusaders, only to fail.
Anti-Semitism was originated long before 1880 and was not invented by
Adolf Hitler.

In France Jews had been treated fairly by Napoleon; he freed many
ghettos that were occupied by Jews, they were also given full civil
rights before any other European country, in the late 18th Century. It
was even the earliest country in Europe to have Jewish cabinet
ministers; the first time a Jew entered the cabinet was in 1848. Many
other countries did not allow Jews into the cabinet until the 20th
Century, including Britain.

Unfortunately, all this deteriorated because of two scandals that
happened near the end of the 19th Century. In 1880 a canal was to be
built linking...

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