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The Change Of Airport Sercurity After 9/11

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The tragic event known as 9/11 affected many people in the United States and worldwide. The loss of family/friends/loved ones, the search for Osama bin Laden, financial changes, increase in military, and the damage of New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C changed many peoples lives. The one thing that affects almost every single person, is the change in airport security throughout the United States.
I choose to research the topic of the change in airports after 9/11 because I travel a lot. Everytime I travel, my parents always mention how the airports were different before 9/11. I never understood what they meant. Also, I have only learned about the effects 9/11 had financially, and personally heard about the loss of family killed in the event. I wanted to learn how 9/11 affects me and my family today. My iSearch question is How has 9/11 affected airports and airport security in the United States?
Before 9/11, airports and airplanes hardly had any security, almost none. Leading up to 9/11, only 5% of bags were checked. Now all bags are checked for bombs (Iorfino). This means the odds of your bag being checked was only 5 out of every 100. It is scary to think that the chance of someone carrying a bomb orexplosive that wasn’t screened was very high. Also, before 9/11, the things you could bring on an airplane seems extremely ridiculous and scary now. You could bring knives, box cutters and sharp scissors. Also, the cockpit door was open and children were allowed in before take off. You only had to show your ID when boarding and going through security checkpoints. It was rare that you had to put your shoes through a metal detector (Before 9/11). For my generation, it’s strange to think there was ever a time when they would allow passengers to bring such dangerous objects, because we never remember experiencing airports before 9/11. Airports were forced to make drastic changes in their security.
One month after 9/11, the TSA, or Transport Security Administration, was created by the government to prevent any future terrorist attacks from happening and to keep the United States safe. The TSA was created on November 19, 2001 for 450 airports from Alaska to Guam. They hired 55,000 employees. All of this happened in less than 12 months (Transportation Security Administration). The creation of the TSA was necessary because they needed to prevent future terrorist attacks and let people know it was safe to fly. Before the TSA, airports had very little security. The TSA established 20 new regulations, or layers of security. Each one of these layers is capable of stopping a terrorist attack. These layers have multiplied the level of security. Some examples of these layers are canine, checked baggage, hardened cockpit door, trained flight crew and random employee screening (Transport Security Administration). These new regulations were a huge step into making the airports a safer place. TSA now is trying to use the newest and latest technology to...

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